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Recent Posts

Functional Kant

Rebuilding the Kant Generator: adventures in context-free text generation

Systemd for web applications: Hrmmm

Forgetting about phones, cars, desktops, etc.: Do boxes hosting typical web applications really need this?

Apply, Part 3: Page jumping

On one of Apply's most used features, the ability to dynamically generate page and question orders based on previous answers.

A little too much help

When it walks/talks/quacks like a duck but is not in fact a duck (ActiveRecord, I'm looking at you)

Apply, Part 2: Overview, and the Document Model

An overview of the Apply system focusing on the document system, from which most of the functionality is built. Most of the attention goes to the model layer: the basic conceptual abstractions; schemas vs. schemaless databases; dynamically generating documents; good solutions for input vs. good solutions for output; etc. This is the nickel tour for getting to know the system.