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This blog was originally created as a series on the design and implementation of Apply, an online grant management system written in Ruby on Rails with (as of early 2017) over 7,500 registered users. After four years in production, the system is being rewritten for v1.0. </proudpapa> The blog will likely scopecreep to cover my wildest computer-related ramblings. Have a look at my résumé here if you like.


Hi, I'm Erik. Since 2009, I've worked at the American Library Association in the Public Programs Office, developing and supporting the Apply system, or otherwise making things go in PPO. My background is mostly in web programming and UNIX systems administration. if you gaze long enough into the selfie, the selfie gazes back into you

Bessie says hi

I mostly write in Ruby, often with Rails but not always. (E.g., see Decorum, a general purpose library for Decorator-like behavior in Ruby.) I also find myself doing Javascript, PHP, /bin/sh, any and all UNIX tasks, being at least literate in C, Java, Perl and a few others, provisioning servers, strategizing limited budgets, talking to my users on the phone, doing the CSS myself even though I said I wouldn't, &c. "Full-stack," as it were. Libraries are great.

When I'm not working, I'm usually making music, hanging out with Bessie, taking pictures, scribbling random thoughts, contemplating old episodes of ST:TNG, hanging around with my nogoodnik friends, hacking audio equipment, developing film once in a while... Feel free to drop me a line: root@blocksyntax.org

Better yet, have a listen to my most recent album:

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